New Show: Beach Fossils

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Beach Fossils

New Show: Beach Fossils

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be bringing Beach Fossils to the H&H on Sunday 3rd September.

The long-awaited return of Brooklyn’s Beach Fossils, Somersault showcases a band in bloom. Charting into new musical territory with a refined songwriting style, it’s an album that captures flashes of life in New York grounded in personal experience.  As the band’s first release on Dustin Payseur’s new label Bayonet Records, which heco-owns with wife Kate Garcia—the group made the most of their newfound independence, investing ample time in expanding its range both musically and lyrically. Check out the video for their single ‘Tangerine’ below;

Advance £10 tickets go on sale this Friday 2nd June, you can get hold of yours by clicking here.

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