The Proper Ornaments Next Tuesday at the H&H

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The Proper Ornaments Next Tuesday at the H&H

We’re delighted to be welcoming The Proper Ornaments to the H&H on Tuesday 24th January.

Proper Ornaments is the project of James Hoare (Ultimate Painting, Veronica Falls) and Max Oscarnold (Toy, Pink Flames). The band germinated slowly from their friendship, which began when Max distracted James from shop-keeping, as his then girlfriend attempted to steal shoes. Max was freshly arrived in London from Buenos Aires; helped out with a plane ticket by Andrew Loog Oldham as it happens, to escape a drug-lead implosion of a previous band and a family member’s plan to have him sectioned. The chance meeting blossomed into an epicurean riot of luminous highs and cold, dismal crashes that conversely produced music that was very well ordered and faintly angelic. Check out their single ‘Cremated (Blown Away) below;

Advance tickets cost just £7, you can get hold of yours by clicking here.

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